The Electronic Media Act

The present Act regulates the rights, obligations and responsibilities of legal and natural persons that provide audio and audiovisual media services and services of electronic publications by electronic communication networks, and the interest of the Republic of Croatia in the field of electronic media.

Electronic Media Act, OG 153/09 >>
Electronic Media Act, OG 153/09,84/11,94/13,136/13, unofficial consolidated text

Media Act, Consolidated version, Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia 59/04, 84/11, 81/13

Statute of the AEM Croatia>>


Council for Electronic Media, issued a series of ordinances, which are in accordance with the Law on Electronic Media.

Rules on ceding unutilised exclusive rights 
Conditions and logs
Croatian works
European works
Amount and Method of payment of fees
Independent producers
Own production
Protection of minors
Granting concession
Register of providers
Promotion of Pluralism and Diversity in Electronic Media
Right to correction 

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