The agency for Electronic media launches the national awareness campaign of women's sport

Zagreb, November 2017 – The Agency for Electonic Media in cooperation with the Governmental Office for Gender Equality is launching the national campaign for the promotion of media coverage of women's team sports in 2018. The initiative will include local and national media. The campaign will focus on media self-regulation i.e. on giving equal importance to women's team sports.

'The Agency for Electronic Media will adopt recommendations on the methods for reducing a gender gap in providing information and monitoring women's and men's team sports as well as carry out a campaign on a higher visibility of women's team sports. At the recently held 10th Days of Electronic Media we presented devastating research findings on the representation of women's team sports on national television services. The AEM also cooperates with the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities, which recommendation is to promote media self-regulation, stop a stereotypical and discriminating reporting, and promote the idea of sport as an important factor of personal development', pointed out Suzana Kunac, a member of the Electronic Media Council and the head of the project.

The research conducted by the Agency for Electronic Media on media coverage of women's team sports has shown 370 broadcasted pieces of sports news in the period of three weeks by all three national television services, of which only 14 reported on women's team sports, which accounted for only 4%. Women's sport was somewhat better covered by the sports news on the national television, although still accounting for a very modest share of barely over 5%. The need to cover women's team sports more equally is best seen in data which shows that 50 percent of successful Olympic results was achieved by 17 percent of registered Croatian female athletes, compared to 83 percent of their male counterparts.

The Agency for Electronic Media takes active participation in the work of the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities and welcomes recent recommendations adopted after the study on the ‘Gender Equality in Sports Programme of Audiovisual Media' was conducted.

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