Study on the Social Impact of the Fund for the Promotion of Pluralism and Diversity of Electronic Media* published

The Study on the Social Impact of the Fund for the Promotion of Pluralism and Diversity of Electronic Media for the period 2013-2015 was published in June 2018. The main goal of the Study was the evaluation of the programmes financed by the Fund dedicated to electronic media (radio-, TV and e-publications) and their impact on audience, as well as the level of information and culture on local and regional level. The results of the Study refer to the period 2013-2015 and they are based on the analysis of secondary data on media service providers on radio- and TV audience ratings as well as on the records of the Fund and the legal framework. 

The Study proved that through the Fund for the Promotion of Pluralism and Diversity of Electronic Media four important social goals have been realized: informing on local events, widening the scope of topics in local media, presenting social activities and maintaining journalism as profession in the local environment. The financial stability is one of the prerequisites of independent journalism and in this respect the Fund plays an important role. Local media remain, despite the growing trend of information via social media and internet portals, a significant source of locally relevant information, which has been especially noted in smaller cities and in the continental part of Croatia. The strong impact of local non-profit portals, which gather intellectual public and activists who write about local social events from another perspective has also been noted, despite the fact that local commercial internet portals are often more read than the non-profit ones. 

*The Fund for the promotion of pluralism and diversity of electronic media was founded in 2004 and its resources are allocated to the following categories of programmes: citizens exercising their right to public information, encouraging cultural diversity and fostering heritage, development of education, science and arts, encouraging creativity in the dialects of the Croatian language, promoting cultural events, national minorities, encouraging the awareness of gender equality and sexual orientation,  encouraging high-quality programmes for children and young people, raising the public awareness of the capabilities and contributions of persons with disabilities and the promotion and respect of their rights and dignity, historically authentic representation of the Homeland War, development and promotion of media literacy programmes, environmental protection and the promotion of health and encouraging health education.

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