Recommendations for the Protection of Children and the safe use of Electronic Media

The Agency for Electronic Media is continuously working to promote the importance of media literacy, and this document can be viewed as being a part of that effort. Moreover, the present Recommendations are adopted by the Electronic Media Council with a view of implementing the Ordinance on the Protection of Minors in Electronic Media, primarily to assist all addressees of the Ordinance (television and radio media service providers, on-demand media service providers and electronic publications providers) in fulfilling their obligations. Given the current situation in the regulatory system, and taking into account their contents, their role and the addressees, the concepts and terms used in this document have the meaning given to them in the Electronic Media Act and the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD), i.e. their standard meaning is used within the context of the law on media. 

Children and young people live and grow surrounded by numerous media that bring them into contact with various media contents, inform them and facilitate communication. Media strongly influence social behaviour, the formation and transmission of values, and the shaping of lifestyles, attitudes and identities. In today's globally convergent world of media, in a world offering a variety of infinite and continuously available audio and audiovisual contents, the protection of children and adolescents from potentially harmful contents is an increasingly difficult task. Statutory and regulatory provisions can help and contribute to protecting younger children, who mostly use media contents via conventional electronic media in the company of their parents and guardians, from inappropriate and potentially harmful media contents. 

Recommendations for the Protection of Children and the safe use of Electronic Media 

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