10th Days of Electronic Media: emphasis on dialogue and strengthening of media culture in Croatia

Sv. Martin na Muri, 21 November 2017 – 10th Days of Electronic Media, 23rd Radio Days and 10th Internet Days started with the organizers' welcome addresses, after which the event was officially opened by Nina Obuljen Koržinek, PhD, the Minister of Culture.

'I participate in the Days of Electronic Media every year, and as the Minister of Culture at this last one. I am pleased to announce that we have come very close to the adoption of the key document which will redefine the media situation in Croatia as well as regulate the media space. Several steps forward were made this year in connection with the public radio and television service because we believe that the stability of the Croatian Radio Television is key to the entire media eco system', said   Minister of Culture Nina Obuljen Koržinek at the opening of the 10th Days of Electronic Media. 

A dialogue of media stakeholders, publishers, regulators and Government officials was organized by the Agency for Electronic Media this year as well. Damir Hajduk, the Agency director, pointed out at an increasing threat to media pluralism in Croatia and said that Croatia, as ERGA Chair next year, will contibute to making amendments of the legal framework which should protect traditional media and consider a vulnerable position of smaller markets.

'A development of the broadband internet service as well as digitalization have provided us with many television channels and the availability of global services such as Youtube and Netflix. However, our viewers did not benefit from a new quality content in Croatian. Smaller markets, and especially limited ones such as the Croatian, experience difficulties in coping with the emergence of global players and fragmentation, which makes state support to the production of content in the public interest to local and non-profit media increasingly important', said Damir Hajduk, Director of the Agency for Electronic Media.

The 10th Days of Electronic Media were attended by a large number of local media representatives. The participants were greeted by Željko Švenda, President of the Croatian Association of Radio Publishers, Denis Mikolić, President of the National  Televisions Association, Mate Botica, Director of Odašiljači i veze, and Dražen Lučić, President of the Council at HAKOM (Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries). 

The anniversary 10th Days of Electronic Media gathered numerous domestic and foreign experts who participated in the work of nine panels. Media Strategy, Digital Radio, Women's Team Sports and Media, Copyright in Media and Music Industry are just some of the topics which were discussed on the first day of the event. The Minister of Science and Education Blaženka Divjak was one of the Children and the Young panel speakers on the topic of the Challenges of Life in Media World  during which the results of the first national comparative research on children's and young people's media habits were also presented.

Annual HURIN Awards of Radio Publishers were also presented at the 10th Days of Electronic Media.

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