The Electronic Media Council manages the Electronic Media Agency and carries out the duties of a regulatory body in the area of electronic media.

The Council has seven members one of which the president of the Council is the Director of the Agency. The president and other members of the Council are appointed for a five-year term by the Croatian Parliament upon the proposal of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

Council members are: Mirjana Rakić, Damir Hajduk, Suzana Kunac, Vesna Roller, Gordana Simonović, Robert Tomljenović.

Mirjana Rakić, chairperson

Mirjana Rakić

Mirjana Rakić was educated in Zagreb where she graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in 1970 and afterwards obtained a Master’s degree in international relations. From 1972 to the end of 2013 she had worked as a journalist, anchor and editor for the News and Current Affairs Programme of the Zagreb TV, later the Croatian Radio Television (HRT). Most of her professional career was dedicated to the Foreign Policy Newsroom where she reported from numerous international conferences and events. In the course of her career she was the Newsroom Editor, an anchor to many political programmes including the Central News Programme (DNEVNIK), the Chief Editor of Informative Documentary Programmes as well as the Acting Director of the HRT. She has participated in the realisation of many significant HRT projects. For her work as a journalist she has received a number of awards including the Croatian Journalists Association (HND) award "Zlatno pero" in 1987 and Life Achievement Award „Otokar Keršovani“ in 1998 and HRT`s Life Achievement Award "Ivan Šibl" in 1990. In February 2014, she was appointed President of the Council for Electronic Media and Director of the Agency by the Croatian Parliament.


Damir Hajduk, deputy chairperson

Damir Hajduk








Damir HAJDUK, born in Zagreb (1967) where he graduated at the Faculty of Economics and Business. He started his professional career carrying out duties involved with the marketing of the information services of the Reuters Agency. In 1996, he was the Country Manager in Zagreb for the regional ERP software distributer Sun Systems and then took on the position of the Sales Director of the Profil International Company. From 2000 to 2007 he was successfully involved in the project of developing the national cable TV network DCM (today: Hrvatska), holding the position of the Commercial Director. After holding the position of the Deputy Manager of the Croatian Radio Television (HRT) for a while he was appointed, in 2009, a Member of the Council for Electronic Media by the Croatian Parliament. In May 2011, Damir Hajduk was elected EPRA Vice-Chairperson. European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) is a professional association of 53 independent regulatory authorities from 43 countries. In June 2014, Damir Hajduk was re-elected to five year term and appointed as a Deputy Chairperson.

Suzana Kunac, member


Suzana KUNAC born in Split (1971). She graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy Zagreb (sociology, 1998) and obtained a Master`s degree of science gained at the University College of London (2002) . She completed a transitional doctoral study "Comparative Politics" at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb, where she was accepted doctoral thesis "Comparative analysis of the parliamentary election campaigns of parties 2000-2011, in perspective of the consolidation of democracy in Croatia“. During more than fifteen years she has been active in civil society dealing with action research, media, public campaigns and advocacy work on a number of public policy: the development of civil society, the protection and promotion of human rights, anti-discrimination policy and the policy of gender equality. She published a number of scientific and technical papers. During her journalism career she has worked for various media: Radio Split, Omladinska iskra, Arkzin, Slobodna Dalmacija. She was a member of the Council for Development of Civil Society and a member of the Governing Board of the Centre for Human Rights. In April 2013, she was appointed a Member of the Council for Electronic Media by the Croatian Parliament. 



Vesna Roller, member






Vesna ROLLER, born in Zagreb (1956). She graduated in Comparative Literature as well as Yugoslav Languages and Literatures at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb in 1980. Since 2003 she has attended the Postgraduate Master’s and subsequently Doctoral degree Study of Comparative Politics at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb where the thesis of her doctoral dissertation was accepted in 2008. In the course of her more than twenty years long professional career in the field of journalism, she has worked for numerous print and electronic media, including Radio Zagreb, Slobodna Dalmacija, Arkzin, Feral Tribune, Poslovni dnevnik and Novi list. She was an editor and presenter of news and current affairs programmes of Radio Free Europe for ten years. During her journalistic career she has covered a wide range of themes and fields – culture, domestic and international politics, European integration, NGO sector. In 2011 she received the Stork’s Feather, the NGO Parents in Action award, for journalistic promotion of human rights. She was a member of both Executive and Supervisory Boards of the Croatian Journalists’ Association, as well as of the Croatian Media Council (HVM) and the Media Committee of the Government Office for Gender Equality. In June 2012, she was appointed a Member of the Council for Electronic Media by the Croatian Parliament. 

Gordana Simonović, member

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Robert Tomljenović, member

Robert Tomljenović was born in Zagreb (1966). He studied at the Faculty of Law,graduated journalism and built his professional career in the field of the electronic media and the audiovisual industry, working as a reporter, editor and producer. His journalism career began in nineties on Radio 101, working as a reporter and news editor. At a newly Family Radio, he established news as a chief editor of the news program. His television career began with the CCN (network of local TV stations) news where he was one of the founders of the program and worked as an editor and a manager. In 2000, he was awarded by Croatian Association of Journalists for the CCN news, as the first real competition to the Croatian Radiotelevision news program. Eight years long BBC World Service career started at a correspondent position, followed by the Zagreb office editor position. As the first chief editor of RTL television he has established news program and introduced new concepts of television news, and led projects of political debates and sport events. Since 2005, he managed television production company Ring Multimedia, and worked as a producer on key projects such as the award-winning documentary "Veliki brodolomi Jadrana", comedy "Boomerang" and drama series "Počivali u miru“. In September 2013, he was appointed a Member of the Council for Electronic Media by the Croatian Parliament. 


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